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Upgrade your customer service to the next level with Rep. Our AI will deflect over 99% of your customer service related inquiries. The ones that the AI cannot answer will be handed off to a human representative using your Help Scout helpdesk. The human rep will also receive a detailed summary of the customer behavior on the website and the customer’s purchase history.

About Help Scout

Helpdesk designed for e-commerce stores. Help Scout provides multichannel customer service from a single app. Merchants can gain productivity with automated responses to common requests.

Enhanced Customer Service

Explore the many features and capabilities available to you with Rep and Help Scout!

  • Human assistance requests
    Sends support requests to Help Scout when a customer specifically asks for help from a human representative or if the AI fails to find a suitable answer
  • Reduce customer service tickets with AI
    Our AI will be able to answer over 90% of your common customer inquiries so your human customer service reps can focus on more complex problems
  • Enriched CRM data
    Gather more information regarding the customer inquiry and full context with Rep’s behavioral data analysis
  • Request feedback
    Collect feedback and send it to Help Scout at any moment you define on the customer’s journey to optimize your products and service

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