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REP AI on the DTC Podcast: The eCommerce Funnel is Broken—AI Can Fix It

In this episode of the DTC Podcast, Yoav, Shauli, and Eric explore the broken eCommerce sales funnel and how AI chatbots like Rep AI are poised to transform the industry.

The Future of Online Retail is Here: How eCommerce AI Chatbots Help Rescue Revenue and Improve Conversion Rates

Here are some examples of the game-changing impact of AI chatbots in the world of Shopify and eCommerce.

eCommerce Needs a Brand Experience Overhaul—Here’s How You Do It

Can eCommerce exceed the personalized experiences of physical retail? In-person, brick-and-mortar experiences still have an advantage. But with chatbots getting an AI boost, online is catching up—and fast.

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Rep AI - eCommerce AI chatbot that converts more and sells more | Product Hunt