Shopping is hard — but it doesn't have to be.

Everyday, hundreds of millions of shoppers struggle to shop online. They have too many choices, not enough budget, uncertainty about product quality, and decision fatigue.

What if AI could help?

What if AI could eliminate some of the complications, and be a better shopping guide for people, and become the best sales rep you've ever interacted with?

Artificial intelligence can:

Convert more traffic into shoppers, and more shoppers into buyers

Guide shoppers from browse to buy, all in-chat

Help shoppers find products faster without the need for quizzes

Reassure shoppers with reviews and other forms of proof

Answer questions conversationally (rather than getting directed to an FAQs page)

Offer recommendations based on buyer preferences

Provide up-to-the-minute order tracking and management

Deliver customer support and eliminate most of those non-complicated ticket requests

All of this is happening now. Today, you have the power to give people one-to-one personal attention every time they shop online. The power to deliver a memorable shopping experience to everyone. And we mean everyone.

Give your shoppers the experience they deserve. And with AI, it will only get better.

Yoav Oz
Co-Founder & CEO, Rep AI
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Every business must have a website


Every business must be mobile-friendly


Every business must be conversational

Conversational Shopping is the next big sales channel.

Most people can’t code, but they can talk. Today, people talk to machines — and now the machines actually understand them. Welcome to the conversational era of the internet—powered by AI.

AI is no longer sci-fi. Are you ready?

Conversational Shopping has arrived. Still in its infancy, it will soon become the dominant sales channel for eCommerce & retail.

Natural language has always been the dominant way people interact with each other. And gradually from this point on — how we interact with machines.

Meet the founders

Rep was founded in 2019 after Yoav went shopping for his partner’s birthday present and wanted to buy her sportswear from a well-known sports retail store.

After feeling confused and frustrated by too many options, a sales assistant helped him find the perfect gift. With the assistant's help and guidance, he even bought something for himself.

Then he realized: sales reps don't exist for online shopping and eCommerce. What if they did?

To solve this problem, he asked Shauli Mizrahi, his best friend, and fellow engineer, to help build Rep AI, the first sales concierge for eCommerce.

Shauli Mizrahi

Co-Founder & CTO, Rep AI

Yoav Oz

Co-Founder & CEO, Rep AI

Test drive REP in a safe demo environment

See how AI actually behaves with your product catalog before you commit to a 30-day FREE trial.

Shoppers deserve a better experience—so let's give it to them. Conversational Shopping is the future of commerce. Join us.

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