30 5-star reviews from Shopify merchants

Convert more traffic and sell more stuff — with AI

Convert up to 3x more site traffic and let AI handle up to 97% of your support requests.

30-day free trial. 60-day money back guarantee — if you don’t get a 5x ROI on your investment.

Brands just like yours use REP AI

Snow's 60-day order conversion rate increased by 33.85% and generated over $220,000 in revenue.

Test drive REP in a safe demo environment

See how AI actually behaves with your product catalog before you commit to a 30-day FREE trial.

A tailored shopping experience for everyone

A conversational shopping assistant powered by ChatGPT

Rep handles the entire shopping experience right in the chat — even checkout. Every conversation is contextual and focused — just like it should be.

AI constantly scans your website so it’s always updated — let AI do the heavy-lifting
AI answers all product-related questions in a conversational way. It even understands idioms and slang
Multilingual support. Rep speaks your store's language or you can switch language settings to your shopper's browser — your choice.

Big catalog? SKUs galore? No problem.

Once the conversation begins, your concierge helps shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for — and fast.

Rep understands natural language so shoppers can just ask for what they want – let your concierge take it from here
Recommends complementary products for upsells and increased AOV

“How does AI convert more of my traffic?”

And triple conversions?

Our Rescue Algorithm™️ can predict (almost) exactly when a shopper is about to leave your site — down to a 92% accuracy rate — and brings them back in with a simple conversation.

Timing is important. You don't want to interrupt too early—hello annoying pop up. And you don't want to engage people too late — bye bye bye.

And it works especially well on mobile devices — so this AI ain’t your daddy’s “exit intent popup”.

And Rep is built exclusively for Shopify — with more eCommerce platforms on the way.

You want numbers?
We’ve got numbers.

Averages across a variety of verticals

Avg. AI Conversions
Requests Handled by AI
Avg. Total AI Sales

Our conversion rate increased exponentially — by up to  315%

Rep was able to answer any product-related questions and recommend products that are best suited for the customer.

Felix Leshno
Co-Founder & CXO, Underoutfit
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What top merchants are saying

Increased revenue by 15%

With a huge catalog of coffees, teas, and merchandise, we needed the ability to direct customers to the right product more efficiently than simple filters could accomplish. Rep has been a huge benefit to our shoppers.

John Helwig
Marketing Director

5X increase in conversions

A fully customizable chat experience that helps elevate the shopping experience by upselling, recommending and guiding customers to particular products or collections. It brings more sales, user experience AND improving CR.

Dmitry Z.
Ecommerce Specialist

A Game-Changer for Boosting eCommerce Sales

Rep has completely transformed the way I run my Shopify website. As an AI-powered chatbot, Rep acts as a personal assistant, engaging with customers, providing personalized recommendations, and even upselling

Daniel O.
Marketing Manager

REP AI is a GAME CHANGER! 100% Recommend

Rep has been phenomenal for our customer experience and helping them find the product that suits them best! Our CVR proves that.

Fiona S.
Head of Global Marketing

An innovative CS and CRO tool that every eCommerce store needs

After 2 months of use, REP AI has so far been a very positive experience and has become a critical part of our tech stack. The best part is the AI will continue to get better as it interacts with more and more of our customers

Chris M.

REP increased our sales and AOV

The numbers don't lie, using REP we have seen an increase in sales and AOV with significant results. great app and a great team to work with.

Raz T.
Marketing Manager

REP plays nice with your favorite Shopify apps

Rep brings its AI “wicked smahts” to your favorite tools. Whether it’s email, SMS, live chat, or customer support platforms, our team has got you covered. Schedule a demo to see how Rep can integrate seamlessly with any app in your tech stack.

Requires zero changes to your support stack — Rep adapts to your tools.

Can handle all of your tickets with AI + your live chat solution. Why leave anything to chance?

Show product reviews right in the chat itself. Add some loyalty while you’re at it.

Have a unique app you want to integrate with? Just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Vush gave shoppers more confidence and boosted conversions by 10% with Rep + Gorgias

Think buying is hard? Try online shopping. The eCommerce experience is broken. But we can make it better — together.

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Yoav Oz
Co-Founder & CEO, Rep AI

Rep rescued over $2.1 million dollars in potential lost sales in November.

We guarantee it will increase your store's revenue too, or your money back.

When Behavioral AI
meets ChatGPT

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