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This ROI Calculator is for eCommerce sites only and provides an estimate based on Industry benchmarks and Rep’s impact based on Rep's client data.

Our conversion rate increased exponentially — by up to 315%.

Rep answered every product-related question and recommended products that are best suited for the customer.

Felix Leshno
Co-Founder & CXO, Underoutfit
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What top merchants are saying

Increased revenue by 15%

With a huge catalog of coffees, teas, and merchandise, we needed the ability to direct customers to the right product more efficiently than simple filters could accomplish. Rep has been a huge benefit to our shoppers.

John Helwig
Marketing Director
Fresh Roasted Coffee

"It’s their people-centric approach to doing business."

We achieved a 33.85% conversion rate on abandoned cart flows, generating over $200k in revenue. Without reservation, I highly recommend Rep AI as a top-tier AI service provider for your company.

Thomas M.
Director Customer Success
Snow Teeth Whitening

We still enjoy a 20X ROI!

Rep increased conversions by 250%. Rep can show our customers around the site, suggest products, collect leads, answer questions, provide special offers, and track orders.

We even have the ability to train the AI on information so it answers just the way we want.

Emeric Harney
Marketing Director
Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Rep AI is a GAME CHANGER! 100% Recommend

Implementing Rep has really helped us approach people when it looks like they’re exiting. We can help them embrace their journey and stay on site for longer until they feel comfortable enough to buy.

Rep has been phenomenal for our customer experience and helping them find the product that suits them best! Our CVR proves that.

Fiona, Global Marketing
Fiona S.
Head of Global Marketing
Vush Stimulation

Revolutionized customer support & boosted sales

Rep AI not only elevated our sales and engagement but has also revolutionized our customer support. Overall, REP enhanced our customer interactions and propelled our growth.

Ran F.

"With Rep, it feels like the future is already here"

I have to say, Rep AI really blew us away! When we saw a 17% jump in our sales, we were all like, 'Yep, we're definitely keeping this!' It’s not just about meeting expectations, Rep’s kind of smashing them.

Jon A.
Marketing Manager

Vush boosted conversions by 10% and gave shoppers much more confidence with Rep + Gorgias


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