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This ROI Calculator is for eCommerce sites only and provides an estimate based on Industry benchmarks and Rep’s impact based on Rep's client data.

Our conversion rate increased exponentially — by up to  315%

Rep was able to answer any product-related questions and recommend products that are best suited for the customer.

Felix Leshno
Co-Founder & CXO, Underoutfit
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What top merchants are saying

Increased revenue by 15%

With a huge catalog of coffees, teas, and merchandise, we needed the ability to direct customers to the right product more efficiently than simple filters could accomplish. Rep has been a huge benefit to our shoppers.

John Helwig
Marketing Director

5X increase in conversions

A fully customizable chat experience that helps elevate the shopping experience by upselling, recommending and guiding customers to particular products or collections. It brings more sales, user experience AND improving CR.

Dmitry Z.
Ecommerce Specialist

A Game-Changer for Boosting eCommerce Sales

Rep has completely transformed the way I run my Shopify website. As an AI-powered chatbot, Rep acts as a personal assistant, engaging with customers, providing personalized recommendations, and even upselling

Daniel O.
Marketing Manager

REP AI is a GAME CHANGER! 100% Recommend

Rep has been phenomenal for our customer experience and helping them find the product that suits them best! Our CVR proves that.

Fiona S.
Head of Global Marketing

An innovative CS and CRO tool that every eCommerce store needs

After 2 months of use, REP AI has so far been a very positive experience and has become a critical part of our tech stack. The best part is the AI will continue to get better as it interacts with more and more of our customers

Chris M.

REP increased our sales and AOV

The numbers don't lie, using REP we have seen an increase in sales and AOV with significant results. great app and a great team to work with.

Raz T.
Marketing Manager

Vush gave shoppers more confidence and boosted conversions by 10% with Rep + Gorgias

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