How Underoutfit increased CVR by 315%

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Shopify Plus + Gorgias + Postscript


Provide personalized sizing information and convey the comfort level of each individual product.


Reassuring shoppers with proactive sizing guides and answers to questions about the material, fit, and comfort of intimate garments.


315% uplift in conversions and an increase in customer loyalty


by the Numbers

Increase in conversion rate
Increase to average order value
113 (so far)
Memberships sold


Underoutfit was the brainchild of a canny DTC duo who’d “been there and got the t-shirt” when it came to launching successful brands. Felix Leshno and his co-founder were keen to create a line of super comfortable, long-lasting garments to wear under your outfit—hence the name. After all, the first thing you do when you get out of the shower is reach for your most comfortable underwear. 

There was no going back when shoppers quickly became accustomed to the level of comfort Underoutfit was offering. In less than a year, the brand grew 300% and scaled from 0 to 7 figures. Leshno and co. knew what they were doing, but they also had a firm grasp on what consumers wanted and needed. 


Underoutfit struggled to convey the comfort levels of their garments for each unique body shape

Choosing the right underwear is like choosing a second skin. There’s nothing fast-fashion about it. The perfect choice hinges on comfort, shape, size, and feel—all things that are impossible to deduce from an online picture.‍

Their discerning team of designers had oodles of passion and talent, but it was hard to convey how each product would fit certain body shapes and sizes. Shoppers couldn’t get the information they needed, and so they disappeared without adding a single product to their cart.

The brand needed a way to reassure shoppers who were on the hunt for their second skin. ‍They reached out to Rep AI to bring in an AI shopping assistant onto their site. 

No other chatbot could:

  • Identify disengaged shoppers (Rep’s Rescue Algorithm) and bring them back in
  • Proactively help customers and answer their questions around the clock
  • Help shoppers find the right products for them, and fast
  • Seamlessly pass shoppers & customers to a live human (via Gorgias) if the AI can’t answer a question
  • Get more email subscriptions to their newsletter
  • And sell more memberships to their new program 

The team at Underoutfit just wanted to help shoppers find the right products fast. But what they got was a much more holistic solution.


Instant Reassurance and Round the Clock Advice for Skeptical Shoppers

The clothes that sit closest to our skin need a little more thought behind them—and when shoppers had questions, they wanted answers now. ‍

Underoutfit used Rep to absorb its FAQs so that it would automatically answer shopper questions on-the-fly. Customers could ask for the size and fit of a product in-line with their body shape and get personalized recommendations that weren’t freely available on product pages.

On top of giving unique sizing information and offering personalized product recommendations, the AI can educate shoppers on what makes Underoutfit’s garments different (and better) than the rest. The AI does this by analyzing past customer conversations, taking cues from customer responses, and understanding the key questions and pain points shoppers have.

The AI is also powered by ChatGPT, so its responses are more thoughtful and appropriate. People need reassurance when they buy, and Rep is able to maintain the brand’s voice and tone, so it doesn’t feel separated from the rest of the site.


Lift in Conversion Rates and Long-Term Customer Loyalty

Rep AI keeps shoppers engaged and creates a personalized experience for each and every customer. It supplements Underoutfit’s lean customer support team to prevent dropoffs and provide shoppers with the information and confidence they need to purchase.

They also lifted their conversion rate by 8%, which is a 300% increase from what they were doing before. Here’s Felix Leshno, their founder:

“Rep has been a great help to us. The AI salesperson is able to answer any product-related questions and recommend products that are best suited for the customer. By helping out with basic questions Rep was able to reduce customer support tickets. Not to forget that the conversion rate has increased exponentially.”

Felix Leshno, Co-Founder of Underoutfit 

And their new membership program? They sold 113 so far through the concierge. Not a bad start.

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