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The ultimate sales & support machine for your Shopify store.

Maximize Conversions Through Conversation.

More sales. More support. Zero risk.

We’re so confident Rep will rescue revenue for your store we offer a 30 day free trial and a 60 day money-back guarantee if you don’t get a 5x ROI on your investment.

Conversions Uplift
Increase AOV
Average Sales Increase

Try our AI Simulator —
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Rep will scan your main website in our risk-free demo environment. Ask it anything that's on your main website.

Quick sign-up. Ready in less than 3 minutes.

Note: Rep WILL NOT scan your product catalog — so it won't be able to answer product-related questions.

Engage at the right moment — convert up to 3x more traffic

Rep’s Rescue Algorithm uses hundreds of data points to figure out when someone is about to leave your store — and approaches them right on time.

  • Detects with 92% accuracy when someone’s about to leave
  • Starts a contextualized conversation
  • “Rescues” your hard-earned traffic & turns them into buyers

Accurate answers that help shoppers find the right products — fast

You got them, now give them what they want — and fast. Let’s face it. Buying is hard. But your AI concierge makes shopping easier for everyone.

  • Product Finder: “Show me bras in size 34D” — and voila! Just how it should be.
  • Recommendations: “Would you like wool socks with that?” Recommend similar items & complementary items. What? You’re not a socks-bra person?
  • Increase AOV through more upsells: Your concierge is your always-on, always-learning (yes, AI only gets better over time), sales rep.

Serve more, sell more. It’s really that simple.

Better service leads to more sales. This is known. Your AI Concierge can do the one thing even brick-and-mortar stores can’t: personalized service at-scale.

  • FAQs: Stop sending people to FAQs. Let your concierge answer them.
  • Cut support tickets in half: Your humans can take on the more complicated requests.
  • Order management: What happens after people buy? They want delivery times and tracking information — now! So give it to them.

See Rep in action

Start your 30 day free trial and experience it for yourself. Or book a demo and let us show you what’s possible.

30 free trial. 60 day money back guarantee.

"With a huge catalog of coffees & teas, we needed the ability to direct customers to the right product more efficiently than simple filters could accomplish. Rep has been a huge benefit to our shoppers."

John Helwig
Marketing Manager, Fresh Roasted Coffee
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Friendly for shoppers.
Powerful for merchants.

Every plan gets a robust set of features. It’s much more than a chatbot. Once Rep integrates with your tech stack, you create a brand ambassador with one mission: to deliver the ultimate shopping experience to everyone.

Contextual conversations

101% Mobile Friendly

Modern chat interface drives conversions

Shoppers can checkout right in-chat

1-click catalog integration

AI gets smarter
over time

Live Chat Drop-in

AI Analytics for

Supercharge all your Shopify apps with AI brains

Sales. Reviews. Subscriptions. Can everything really be done in the chat? We think so.

How Rep works with Gorgias, Zendesk, and other support apps

Resolved over 90% of customer requests

REP has successfully resolved an impressive 94% of all customer requests last month. Moreover, it has generated substantial revenue on autopilot, bringing in an average of $5-6k every month.

Little & Lively
Green light dot
Rescue your lost sales with Rep

Rep rescued over $1.5 million dollars in potential lost sales in March 2024.

We guarantee it will increase your store's revenue. Get your money back if you don't 5x your ROI with REP.
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Shoppers deserve a better experience—so let's give it to them. Conversational Shopping is the future of commerce. Join us.

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