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Increase conversion rate by helping customers find the right coffee product for them among the large variety of coffee products offered on the website.


Embedding Rep’s AI sales assistant directly on the customer's website helped customers find what they were looking for instantly.


A better customer experience with an increase in conversion rate of customers that would normally drop off at the homepage before viewing a single product

Fresh Roasted Coffee

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Fresh Roasted Coffee was founded in 2009 with the commitment to be a quality coffee supplier dedicated to sourcing coffee from the right places. To meet this goal, they are Direct Trade, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance Certified, as sustainability means as much to them and their customers as the quality of the coffee.

For several years they were featured on Inc 500’s list of fastest-growing private businesses in the country. This rapid growth is due to products that appeal to coffee lovers and consumers demanding ethically sourced goods. The company also has an expansive range of products, which was a catalyst in their early and continued growth, but this also became an issue in sales conversions from the front page.

The issue was that there was a significant customer drop-off that Fresh Roasted Coffee had in the homepage product list view. Though they had a great conversion rate before using Rep’s solution, they felt like they could be doing better. The company believed that this was caused by having a large variety of products that could confuse customers, as they may not know what to look at first and just left due to the level of choice presented.

Rep has earned our strongest endorsement for the quality of their work and for their customer engagement. With a huge catalog of coffees, teas, and merchandise, we needed the ability to direct customers to the right product more efficiently than simple filters could accomplish. To that end, Rep has been a huge benefit to us and our site users. The chatbot uses both the product data on our site and customer interactions to learn, improve, and speak directly to our customers without the need for customer service reps.

John HelwigMarketing Manager

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To help combat this issue, with customers spending a significant amount of time searching for products and not knowing where to go, Fresh Roasted Coffee implemented Rep’s AI sales assistant. The chatbot sales assistant noticed that some customers were spending too long scrolling through a large variety of products. When this happened, the sales assistant approached them in real-time to offer assistance and delivered personalized recommendations after asking a few questions regarding their taste and preferences.

This is, in essence, the same plan that a brick-and-mortar store utilizes with their in-store sales associates, thus replicating an in-store feel while helping to solidify conversions by focusing the customer on a particular product they might like. In an eCommerce setting, the assistance of a sales representative can be lost without an instant chat function, as in-store sales associates are essential to the in-store experience. The Rep solution can replicate this with artificial intelligence to create a happier customer and higher profitability.

In addition, the chatbot sales assistant also approached customers who were idling too long in the individual product pages. The prompt was established to allow the customer to ask questions about the particular coffee products. With this information, the AI-powered chatbot could then answer the customers’ questions regarding the difference between certain coffee products.


With the implementation of this proven sales conversion method, Fresh Roasted Coffee had an increase in sales. The ability to keep potential sales within the sales funnel by focusing them on a particular product after they had shown interest in the brand is a powerful tool to have.

Using Rep’s AI sales assistant, Fresh Roasted Coffee lifted the conversion rate and generated sales uplift by 17%. This increase is a significant gain for the company, with the labor-saving power of AI at its disposal. With Rep’s solution, Fresh Roasted Coffee was able to engage interested customers and convert them into sales with the simple power of being able to talk to them and help them to find what they were looking for.

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