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June 9, 2020

7 Best Shopify Themes for 2021

Yoav Oz

Shopify has become a popular eCommerce platform in part thanks to its easy setup and affordable pricing. Shopify makes it easy to quickly create an online store for as little as $29 a month.

Using Shopify’s free two-week trial, store owners can quickly get started and choose between different subscription packages ranging from $29 to $299 a month. According to Shopify, over one million businesses use the platform today, accounting for $319 billion in transactions.

However, Shopify’s strength can also be viewed as a weakness. Shopify is an easy and affordable eCommerce platform. Like most website builders, Shopify offers templates or themes to reduce the time and skill necessary to build an online store from scratch.

However, first, this makes it hard for an online store to stand out and build its brand. Second, not every theme is a good match for every store. Third, some themes are heavy and can create website performance issues while others might be light but lack the necessary functionality. Fourth, once you choose a theme, as your shop grows, it will be hard to make changes to it.

Therefore, choosing a theme for a Shopify store may be more complicated than simply selecting one from the Shopify Theme Store. To simplify the process, below are 7 of our favorite themes and the reasons why we like them.

Top 7 Shopify themes

1. Wokiee

Wokiee is an extremely flexible theme with 16 different skins that can be suitable for a variety of different niches. It’s very versatile and can be customized to your visual brand language easily.

Top features:

  • 16 different layouts for shop and product pages
  • Built-in Google-rich snippets
  • Compatible with Oberlo (making it a great theme for dropshipping)
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Over 20 unique skins


  • Wide range of features covering what most shops will every need
  • Versatile design and layout options
  • Fast loading speeds (great for user experience and search engine optimization)


  • This isn’t a “simple” theme. The many features and design options it includes mean that setting it up can take longer than usual. If you’re looking for something to set up quickly, and don’t want to spend time on design and customization, this may not be the theme for you.

Price: $89

2. Lezeda

Another versatile theme, Lezeda offers over two hundred different demo options to choose from for your homepage, which can shorten setup time if you find something you love off the bat.

We like it for shops with smaller product lines but, in general, it’s very versatile.

Top features:

  • Over 220 homepage demos to choose from
  • Over 40 drag-and-drop sections
  • Multiple banners, headers, and slider styles
  • Choose different image displays (grid, masonry, etc.)
  • Social media integration


  • Easy to use and quick to install
  • Updated regularly
  • Advanced customization options
  • Great price


  • This is not an ideal theme for anyone looking to get something up quickly unless one of the available demos is a perfect fit with little customization needed. Even then, reviewing all of the 200+ demos available will take time. Other than that, the theme doesn’t have any bad reviews and is rated 5 stars on ThemeForest.

Price: $48

3. Ella

Ella is a great option for business owners that want to get through the theme and design phase quickly. You can choose from multiple ready-made layouts and designs, and thanks to their one-click install and image resizing feature, have your shop ready in no time. While there are multiple design options available, it’s not as overwhelming as other themes.

Top features:

  • Smart search suggestions for faster results when customers search your shop
  • One-click install
  • Multiple demos and design options for a variety of different niches (jewelry, clothes, glasses, beauty, etc.)
  • One-click checkout
  • Automatic image resizing


  • Multiple features to help shop owners get up and running quickly
  • Raving 5-star reviews for their great design quality
  • Updated regularly


  • The theme has a 5-star rating on ThemeForest. However, some of the one-star reviews complain about bugs and bad customer support. That being said, most of the 5-star reviews are about the great customer support provided for the theme, and the low reviews are very few.

Price: $79

4. Gecko 4.0

Gecko is a popular theme, with many of the reviews raving about the excellent design quality, theme flexibility, and customer support. Like all of the other themes we’re recommending, there are multiple layouts and design options to choose from, though Gecko’s design options vary greatly from one another, giving you more to choose from and increasing the chances you’ll find something you love.

Top features:

  • One-click to import a demo (for faster setup)
  • Email marketing support
  • Fully responsive retina support
  • Compatible with Shopify 2.0
  • Translation-ready


  • Great for shops targeting multilingual audiences
  • Beautiful modern designs
  • Easy to install, customize, and use


  • The lowest rating for this theme on ThemeForest is 4 stars, with some stating that this theme has a steep learning curve.

Price: $69

5. Pacific

This professional theme comes highly recommended for anyone who wants a no-fuss theme with quick setup and easy customization. Design options are limited here compared to other themes we mentioned, but that’s kind of the point in this case.

Top features:

  • Designed for stores with large inventories
  • Four styles to choose from: Bold, Warm, Bright, Cool
  • Shopify users can try the theme first
  • Free theme updates
  • Clean and modern design


  • Pre-added color palettes and styles make choosing your design fast and easy
  • Social media integration
  • You can try it before you buy it


  • The price is much higher than other themes (though you can try it first)
  • The limited design and customization options mean it’s not for everyone

Price: $180

6. Minimal

As the name suggests, this theme is ideal for business owners who like minimalistic designs that still look professional and sophisticated. This theme is free and ideal for shops selling fashion or beauty-related products.

Top features:

  • Simple and clean design
  • 3 styles available: Fashion, Vintage, Modern
  • Homepage YouTube or Vimeo video
  • Product filtering options for customers searching your shop
  • Showcase product recommendations on product pages


  • Free
  • Perfect for fashion and beauty shops
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Limited features and design capabilities (for example, you can’t add a blog)
  • Not for every niche
  • Some reviews complain that it isn’t truly mobile friendly

Price: Free!

7. Star

Star is a great theme with plenty of great features, and a sleek, modern design suitable for most niches.

Top features:

  • Slide-out cart
  • Two styles available: Polaris and Sirius
  • Color swatches for quick design
  • Parallax sections
  • Product reviews


  • Easy to use (great for Shopify beginners)
  • Quick installation


  • Limited design and layout options

Price: $59

To summarize…

Shopify is a great platform to quickly launch your online shop without complicated development and coding. Choosing a great theme can save you a lot of time and money on design and development, and it’s a critical step in the Shopify setup process. Take the time to understand your needs, features, budget, and time limitations so that you can easily pick a theme that checks all of your boxes.

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