How Doe Beauty uses Rep to share personalized recommendations with makeup newbies

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Interact with a growing audience of makeup beginners who need an extra hand.


Providing recommendations and reassurance to a young, fresh-faced audience through instant Q&As and round-the-clock support.


Increased conversions and less pressure on the support team who are now able to provide a human touch as and when it’s needed.

Doe Beauty

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Increase in orders


Doe Beauty Struggled to Interact With Its Growing Audience at Scale

Doe’s luscious lashes were a quick hit with a young, fresh-faced audience. But going from a small brand to something much bigger in a short space of time made it almost impossible to communicate with customers on an individual level. 

The brand’s audience of makeup beginners often needed a helping hand when choosing the right products, and Doe prided itself on its ability to closely interact with its customers and share personalized recommendations. However, with thousands more shoppers clamoring for lashes each month, it became increasingly unscalable to have in-depth conversations with each and every buyer. 

As a result, the brand was on the hunt for a solution that would allow them to continue connecting with their customers at a much larger scale than before without needing to hire hundreds more support staff.

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Instant Recommendations and Reassurance for Makeup Newbies 

Not talking to its customers wasn’t an option for Doe–after all, the brand had built its name through word-of-mouth referrals and snowballing loyalty of its shoppers. When Chase Dimond recommended Rep, the team at Doe Beauty realized its impressive potential.  

With Rep seamlessly integrated on the site, Doe was able to provide instant recommendations to new and existing lash lovers. Now, Rep is the brand’s primary line of support for customers who can get personalized product recommendations and custom content based on their individual wants and needs. 

When a shopper lands on the site, the automated sales associate gives them the option to shop for lashes through personalized suggestions, browse money-saving bundles, or ask a question. Information about shipping and returns, order details, and tutorials for newcomers can be accessed directly through the chatbot, relieving the real-life support team of potentially tedious back-and-forths.

What’s more, the scope of information available at the click of a button means Doe can catch the attention of shoppers who are actively in buy mode, provide reassurance, and tackle any objections that might be holding them back. This has ultimately led to an increased conversion rate and a slicker sales cycle. 

“We really didn’t get the chance to talk to our customers before,” says Jason Wong, Founder of Doe Beauty. “It wasn’t scalable, at least not in a way that we were able to really interact with our customers and recommend products. Rep took a lot of that tediousness out of the entire experience because it really allows our customers to find what they need.”


Increased Conversions, Fewer Support Tickets, and More Time for Support Staff

Doe Beauty credits 9% of its total orders to Rep in the first month of using it. 

As well as boosting conversions through personalized shopping experiences, it has taken the pressure off the Doe team. Implementing the Rep chatbot has reduced the number of support tickets the team gets because it automatically supports and answers the vast majority of customer questions. This means the team has a lot more time to work on support tickets and questions that really do need human input. 

“There’s a lot of benefits to Rep, but it’s the ability to run our customer support line 24/7 without hiring extra people that’s been really attractive to us. I don’t want my team to have to work 24/7, but I also want to make sure I’m providing the best possible customer support to our audience.” 

When it comes to extra bonuses, the Doe team loves that they can convert the chat widget on the site to a button in the website footer. “These tools often take up a lot of real estate on a website, but Rep allows us to be really malleable with the way we present our widgets,” says Jason. “It’s not interrupting and annoying visitors. It just makes the site a lot cleaner but is also present whenever people need help.”

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