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They New York provides customers with a taste of luxury and sophistication at an affordable price point. Despite the value and unique aesthetic of their product offerings, They New York found it hard to successfully sell their products in an e-commerce format. While they'd had success moving their products via pop-up storefront, they had difficulty reaching a comparable conversion rate online.


Integrating Rep’s AI sales assistant directly into the customer's online storefront helped They New York dramatically improve their conversion rate while simultaneously helping the company to strategically move key inventory.


Through its on-site AI shopping assistant, Rep successfully translated They New York's unique history and brand identity into a powerful customer retention tool, increasing the company's conversion rate to match their brick-and-mortar output.

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When Jack and Angela Lin approached the team at Rep, their online storefront was finding it hard to keep pace with their brick-and-mortar storefronts. For years the duo had embraced the pop-up storefront as the cornerstone of their business model. Using a short-term rental space, They New York was able to generate a sense of excitement, novelty, and urgency amongst their in-person shoppers. This flash-style format allowed them to launch temporary storefronts in novel locations across the city. Their business model was met with both critical and commercial success.

The key factor behind the success of their brick-and-mortar locations? Connection with their customers. The founding partners —and the sales associates that they employed— were able to leverage the brand’s unique story, the family’s rich history in the shoe manufacturing space, and Jack and Angela’s personal tastes and love of eclectic styling to proactively sell their products to in-person shoppers. The problem wasn’t with their brick-and-mortar operations; it was in the efficacy of their online storefront.

They New York enjoyed a high conversion rate in their pop-up stores. Customers bought their products and left happily. The company, however, found it hard to achieve a similar conversion rate through its e-commerce efforts.
As a secondary issue, the duo was also having trouble liquidating their back stock to make room for new products. Their issues with online conversions had snowballed, forming an inventory backlog.

“When we first contacted Rep, we found it hard to have a good conversion rate, anything remotely similar to what we had at our pop-up stores. Our brand, They New York, had phenomenal results when it came to in-person sales, but our online presence was lacking. We weren’t able to leverage our story the way we did in the brick-and-mortar arena. Instead of generating easy online conversions as you’d expect with an e-commerce business model, our brand had a tough time connecting to our customers at their point of highest intent. In other words, we just didn’t have enough eyes on the prize. Implementing Rep’s AI chatbot helped us change all that. We were able to build a bridge to our customers when it mattered most. The chatbot helped us effectively relate our story —and gain loyal customers!”

Daniel OjalvoVP E-Commerce

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The key to their success in the brick-and-mortar forum was the result of high-quality customer engagement. The story behind the company’s history, inception, and aesthetic styling is a compelling one. They New York viewed every customer that would visit their pop-up locations as a chance for personal interaction. In turn, that level of engagement led to an uptick in sales. By relating and engaging, Jack and Angela were able to convert window shoppers into loyal, paying customers. They needed a similar tactic for their e-commerce arsenal. The solution? Rep’s on-site AI shopping assistant.

Rep’s AI solution learns from customer behavior over time. As a result, it is in tune with the average e-commerce customer, and it can sense when they become disengaged and are likely to leave the online storefront without making a purchase. It is at that critical moment when Rep’s AI chatbot platform is most effective. It can engage at-risk customers, answering questions about the product, suggesting other products that fit the customers’ tastes, and resolving any concerns the consumer might have, all while building trust, engagement, and brand loyalty in the process. Our AI solution acts as both customer service and sales, helping you and your company close the deal with increased regularity. Rep’s AI solution was simple to integrate. It blended seamlessly with They New York’s existing tech stack and no coding or additional expertise was required to make it work harmoniously. In the end, their sales results speak for themselves.


Implementing the Rep AI sales assistant proved to be a watershed moment for They New York. Having a tireless representative on hand to field questions and concerns produced a tangible effect for the brand. The chatbot was able to prevent customers from abandoning the storefront by intervening at the most critical point before they navigated away from the website. Through the use of our AI platform, They New York dramatically increased their e-commerce conversion rate so that it was on par with their brick and mortar pop-up locations. In fact, the AI assistant’s reach and functionality were so great that more than half of all transactions on the website featured some form of interaction with the AI.
Rep’s AI solution was simple to integrate. It blended seamlessly with They New York’s existing tech stack and no coding or additional expertise was required to make it work harmoniously. In the end, their sales results speak for themselves.

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