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Offset the burden on live customer service representatives, increase customer engagement with the product, and decrease the customer drop-off rate.


Integrating Rep's 24/7 AI-powered sales assistant into the existing website to help better engage customers.


Ten times the customer engagement using the onsite AI-powered sales assistant than via previous customer service methods. Immediate 11% lift in sales.


by the Numbers

engagement with AI-powered sales assistant than live assistance
lift in sales volume immediately


Vibhuti Vazirani, the founder, was focusing on sustainable business practices —coupled with her eclectic educational background— she has made Zavi an important name in the fast fashion industry. Zavi is a brand with a vision that’s hard to ignore. And while interest in the brand has remained high, sales via their website didn’t adequately reflect that fact.

Zavi’s vision is eye-catching, especially in today’s climate of responsible consumerism. But attracting customers and converting customers are two very different things. From the company’s earliest days, traffic to their e-commerce storefront was steady. There was a problem, however. Customers would come to Zavi’s landing page, but that was as far as they would make it. More often than not, they’d drop off the site before browsing further. What was the reason for this disconnect?

The founder thought she had her bases covered. She had hired a small team of live customer service representatives who could help engage customers using suggestive selling techniques to recommend products. Demand was high, as she soon learned. Sky-high. The sales associates were quickly getting overwhelmed by a constant stream of questions regarding Zavi’s unique, signature products. It was impossible to handle all customer inquiries. That is until Rep got involved.

“As a small business, Rep has alleviated our need to monitor general customer inquiries on the site, allowing us to maximize team efficiency and the customer shopping experience while collecting data to further improve UX. Rep’s chatbot solution is completely customizable to address our product offering, customer behavior, and FAQs with language that matches our brand identity. Since implementing, we’ve seen an increase in checkout conversion with visitors who interact with the on-site solution and continue to improve triggers and flows based on data gathered. It’s a great tool for any small business looking for a simple customer service solution”

Taylor Borde E-commerce manager

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Rep specializes in conversational AI solutions for e-commerce. To help Zavi’s founder, and the staff at Zavi, we deployed our onsite AI-powered sales assistant to help them better engage the deluge of customer requests.

Our AI-powered sales assistant is designed to engage with customers before they drop off an e-commerce site altogether. The AI-powered sales assistant is built on AI that progressively learns customer speech patterns, anticipating their requests and responding with actionable information.

Our AI-powered sales assistant is the perfect complement to live customer service agents. It provides you and your e-commerce business with a tireless representative that can field multiple customer inquiries simultaneously and around the clock. With AI power behind you, you don’t have to worry about customers leaving your storefront unsatisfied.


Through Rep’s intervention, Zavi saw a near-instant reversal of fortune. Their e-commerce business began to live up to the hype the brand had generated. With the use of the AI-powered sales assistant, Zavi was able to engage their customers in a more timely fashion, answering questions, routing customers to meaningful suggestions, and engaging in active selling techniques around the clock.

As a result of the onsite AI-powered sales assistant implementation, Zavi saw a staggering 10 times more engagement with their e-commerce site than they did using live customer service assistants. People were still attracted by the brand’s messaging, but now they were engaged, exploring the products and browsing the site in depth. In addition, Zavi quickly saw a boost to their overall sales due to Rep’s intervention. Using our AI-powered sales assistant, Zavi saw an immediate 11% lift in sales.

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