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Feature Drop: Sales Scenario Dashboard

The new Sales Scenario dashboard shows you the context of the sale, not just the numbers themselves. Take a peek inside!

New Feature: Real-Time Assistance

New feature drop: Real-Time Assistance. Drop into live chats with people who need help now.

Conversations Update April 2024

The latest feature drop for Conversations includes Chat Sharing and Live Drop-In.

REP AI on the DTC Podcast: The eCommerce Funnel is Broken—AI Can Fix It

In this episode of the DTC Podcast, Yoav, Shauli, and Eric explore the broken eCommerce sales funnel and how AI chatbots like Rep AI are poised to transform the industry.

Magento and Rep: Expanding the Conversational Commerce Footprint

There are nearly 24 million e-commerce sites worldwide. Online retail is rapidly becoming the dominant shopping...

ReCharge and Rep – Enabling D2C Subscriptions on Voice Assistants

The world is a busy place, and it isn’t getting any less hectic. Applications that reduce consumer stress and make...

Rep with Yotpo: Social Proof in Voice Commerce

E-commerce merchants cannot underestimate the importance of customer reviews. Online product and...

Rep’s Partnership with Amazon Pay: The Future of Voice Commerce

Emerging voice commerce technology is bringing sweeping change to the retail industry worldwide..

Enhance Customer Service For Your Voice Store With Gorgias And Rep

It is undeniable; voice shopping is revolutionizing how eCommerce platforms operate. It’s easy to use...

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