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September 4, 2020

Enhance Customer Service For Your Voice Store With Gorgias And Rep

Ori Ben Aharon

It is undeniable; voice shopping is revolutionizing how eCommerce platforms operate. It’s easy to use, and it enhances user experience in your Shopify store. Voice stores also experience a higher number of repeat purchases and can be a great channel for providing customer service.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of hands-free commerce is how customers are able to multitask and still place their orders. It’s no wonder voice commerce is expected to reach $40 billion by 2022 in the US!

Does it get any better? Well, it does! Rep has integrated with Gorgias to enhance customer service (CS) for voice stores. This partnership will allow merchants to have CS capabilities on voice assistants like Alexa.

Here’s an overview of what this integration means for your eCommerce store.

Rep & Gorgias: A New Era for Customer Service

This partnership takes your customer service to the next level through Alexa. Rep allows you to create personalized experiences by enabling voice shopping for your online store. Its integration is seamless, and you can easily personalize customers’ interactions by customizing it to your brand voice.

Gorgias, on the other hand, makes customer service easy for online stores. All your support tickets are centralized in one place, and customer data is readily available on your dashboard. This platform gives you a holistic view of your customer interactions, allowing you to personalize your interaction.

These two platforms combined provide eCommerce stores with an opportunity for their customers to ask for help from their brands through Alexa or other voice assistants. Tickets are then sent out on Gorgias and appear on the helpdesk accompanied by the customers’ corresponding information.

How Does the Rep & Gorgias Integration Benefit Your Online Store?

1.   Increased Customer Satisfaction

This integration allows your customers to ask for assistance using Alexa and get feedback through email. They don’t have to log in to their device and send you an email because they can ask their questions through their voice assistant.

Assuming a customer is voice shopping in your store but can’t find the item they are looking for, Alexa can easily notify them if the product is out of stock.

Have you ever thought of the customers you may have lost due to feedback delay?

Online shoppers are anything but patient, and one of the reasons why they shop online in the first place is due to convenience. Using Rep and Gorgias allows you to increase customer satisfaction by increasing the rate at which your customers get assistance.

2.   Easy Access to Help Requests

Exceptional CS is one of the key ingredients to exponential growth, and quick feedback results in more sales. How much time do you spend trying to access all your customers’ help requests?

Support requests from your online shop are sent to Gorgias when customers leave a note or request for help on your platform, so you no longer have to switch tabs to access a customer’s order history. This allows you to easily close sales and provide your customers with feedback without compromising on personalization.

3.   Accessibility of Customer Feedback

For every customer complaint you ignore, you lose 26 customers. Here’s another fact: only one out of 26 customers are likely to voice their complaints; the rest move on to another store. You can’t afford to overlook customer feedback!

Rep’s integration with Gorgias allows customers to leave feedback in a convenient and easy way: through voice. When a customer completes their purchase and leaves feedback, whether positive or negative, it is automatically sent to Gorgias. This enables you to streamline the purchase process and identify the areas in which your eCommerce store is lacking.

Assuming a customer leaves positive feedback about a certain product or the order process in general, it motivates you to give them more. What if you receive negative feedback? You get a unique opportunity to solve your customers’ problems and provide them with excellent after-sales service!

4.   Product Abandonment Feedback

Seven out of 10 shoppers don’t complete their transactions. This is lost business! Every time a customer abandons their purchase and leaves a note, it is automatically sent to Gorgias. This gives you insights into your customers’ shopping behavior and possible flaws in your platform. Did they experience difficulty while trying to make their payment? Were the additional costs extremely high? Was your website slow?

Having this information on a centralized platform makes it easy to pinpoint the common problems that web users experience when checking out on your website. You are then able to address customer problems quickly, increasing the customer retention rate.

5.   Increased Conversion Rate

The online shopping landscape is very competitive, and new players are constantly getting into the industry. How do you make sure your customers buy from you? Through customer service!

Customer satisfaction has a lot to do with your conversion rate. If you provide your customers with stellar service, they will be loyal to your brand and make more repeat purchases. This then increases your customer retention rate.

The partnership between Rep and Gorgias gives you an opportunity to revolutionize your customer service and get your brand heard above the rest. If your customers feel as though they are part of your brand’s family, they will buy from you.

Customer service also increases customers’ lifetime value. You need your customers to buy from you, and for longer. You can only achieve this if you combine convenience with great service.

Enhance Your Customer Service Today!

Voice shopping is the future of online shopping. The possibility of having your own branded voice store that can sell products on Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant and have CS capabilities is amazing! Letting the end customers give their feedback directly takes convenience to a whole new level. It encourages your customers to give raw feedback without having to type.

This is your opportunity to get your customers’ voices heard. Unlock the potential of having a voice store and selling to customers via voice assistants while providing them with customer service channels on voice. Sign up and create an account with Rep today!

Shoppers deserve a better experience—so let's give it to them. Conversational Shopping is the future of commerce. Join us.

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