How Herbaly lifted conversions by 15.3% with personalized product recommendations

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)




Increase conversions on ad landing pages by helping shoppers find the right herbal tea for their unique health needs.


Embedding Rep’s AI-powered sales associate on ad landing pages guided shoppers toward right-fit products.


Personalized product recommendations led to an uptick in conversion rates and helped drive additional sales from on-the-fence shoppers.


by the Numbers

Conversion Rate


Herbaly was running an assortment of ads from Facebook and TikTok with the aim of attracting health-conscious shoppers. The ads promised a solution to tiredness, low blood sugar levels, and a healthier start to the day, but the conversion rates on the accompanying landing pages were low.

The team tried everything to move the needle – they optimized page titles, calls-to-action, and images, but still struggled to generate the sales they’d anticipated.

In the end, Herbaly realized that shoppers had questions. The products they were selling came with huge health benefits, but they also came with plenty of questions from people who were keen to know whether a simple cup of tea was the answer to their unique health problems.

Dealing with such a personal solution meant Herbaly had to find a way to answer shopper questions while they were still actively in buy mode.

“We always wanted a chatbot, but they required too many resources to build and the solutions were never revenue-focused. Rep was open to doing the research with our help, taking the majority of the onboarding weight on their shoulders, and allowed us to run split tests to prove the performance before signing up. We got the results and were pleased to see a 15% uplift in revenue per session. The most amazing thing about that is we launched with a minimal product, with the many optimizations to come we are excited about the long term.”

Michael KleinManaging Director, Herbaly

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Health is a such a sensitive and personal topic. It can be tricky to promote health benefits when everyone deals with lack of sleep, low blood sugar, or inflammation differently. While Herbaly’s landing pages were packed full of useful insights, benefits, and detailed product descriptions, they couldn’t tackle individual customer questions at scale.

To do this, they needed a way for shoppers to ask questions and get immediate answers mid-scroll – but the team still needed a bit of convincing. Before committing to anything, Herbaly wanted to test Rep’s AI sales associate to see if it could increase conversion rates and drive more sales.

Herbaly set up an A/B test to analyze two identical landing pages running from the same ads. The only difference was that one of the landing pages had a Rep sales associate embedded in the bottom right corner. The test ran long enough to gather enough data to see whether there was an uplift in conversion rates between the two pages.


When Herbaly embedded Rep’s AI sales associate on its landing page, the bot was able to guide shoppers toward the right product for their unique health problems. It did this by asking a series of quiz-like questions, such as “what’s your most important ingredient?” and “what health benefit are you looking for?” before serving a selection of right-fit products.

Through a detailed Q&A, the bot was able to get a better understanding of each individual customer and personalize product recommendations based on their needs. It also helped them understand the medicinal qualities of the tea and educate interested shoppers on different ingredients and health benefits.

In the end, the landing page with the embedded sales associate won out, generating an 15.3% lift in conversion rates. It was a no-brainer for Herbaly to add the bot to their other landing pages which has led to a dramatic increase in sales.

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